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‘Janani’- A mother-child dyad care system is a combination of Android mobile telephony and web-server based program especially developed for frontline health workers to help them deliver timely and quality services to pregnant women and children. Janani is a system that proactively offers mother and child care by helping the service providers to proactively reach every mother-child dyad in the process.

The mother- child dyad i.e. the mother and her offspring from conception through Foetal life and up to two years of age is the basic human unit and it is here that ‘Janani’ proves crucial in tracking services throughout this period and providing alerts to health workers for providing timely services to mother and children. ‘Janani’ provides:

  • Real-time data capturing through Android mobile telephony
  • 4W Activity Tracking on real time (Who is doing What Where When)
  • Uploading encrypted data to web-server (including offline data storing facility)
  • Data synchronization and analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Health and Nutrition monitoring on real time and bringing the information to the doctors of PHC/CHC level for timely intervention
  • Mobile based Alarm-Alert, ‘To-do’ reports for the ANMs and Medical Officers
  • 1000Days SUN implementation
  • Monitoring Results and service delivery with Equity (Framework for effective planning, implementing, monitoring)
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) interface for spatial and thematic analysis and identifying the most difficult to reach mother/child location in the PHC area

Janani aims to ensure Real Time, clean and validated data capturing. The objective is to minimize chances of missing out any health care service to a mother or child. Ultimate goal is reducing morbidity, mortality and malnutrition through 1000 days (-9 to 24 months of child) focused intervention.

It has been implemented in different states in India for H&FW department (e.g. Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal etc.)